202-318-3143: The Complete Guide to Understanding This -

202-318-3143: The Complete Guide to Understanding This

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The phone number 202-318-3143 is part of the 202 area code, which holds significant historical and practical importance. Whether you are trying to identify a caller, understand the geographic implications, or delve into the history of the 202 area code, this guide covers it all. Let’s explore the nuances and facts about this specific phone number and its area code.

Understanding the 202 Area Code

History of the 202 Area Code

The 202 area code is one of the original area codes established by AT&T and the Bell System in 1947. It serves Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States. As the primary area code for this influential region, it has been integral to telecommunications in the nation’s capital.

Geographic Coverage of the 202 Area Code

The 202 area code exclusively covers Washington, D.C., providing service to all the city’s residents, businesses, and government offices. The compact geographic area means that the 202 area code is densely populated and widely recognized.

Significance of the 202 Area Code

Being the area code for the U.S. capital, 202 carries significant prestige and recognition. Many federal government agencies, politicians, and important institutions use phone numbers within this area code, making it a symbol of authority and governance.

202-318-3143: Specific Information

Identifying the Caller

If you receive a call from 202-318-3143, it’s essential to consider the context. Given the 202 area code, the call is likely originating from Washington, D.C. It could be from a government office, a business, or an individual within the city. However, always exercise caution and verify the caller’s identity if the number is unfamiliar.

Possible Uses of 202-318-3143

The phone number 202-318-3143 could be used for various purposes:

  • Government Agencies: Given the location, it’s plausible that this number could belong to a federal or local government office.
  • Businesses: Numerous businesses operate in Washington, D.C., and this number could be associated with any of them.
  • Personal Use: Individuals residing in the city might have this number for personal communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 202-318-3143 a scam number?

Without specific information, it’s hard to determine if 202-318-3143 is use for scams. If you receive a suspicious call, it’s best to look up the number online or contact relevant authorities to verify its legitimacy.

How can I block unwanted calls from 202-318-3143?

To block unwanted calls from 202-318-3143, you can use the call-blocking features available on your smartphone. Both iOS and Android devices offer built-in options to block specific numbers.

What should I do if I keep receiving calls from 202-318-3143?

If you repeatedly receive unwanted calls from 202-318-3143, you might want to report the number to your phone carrier or use third-party apps to block and report the number.

Can I find out who owns 202-318-3143?

Several online services offer reverse phone lookup capabilities, allowing you to find information about the owner of 202-318-3143. Be mindful that some services might charge a fee.

Why would a 202 area code number be calling me?

A call from a 202 area code number could be for various reasons, such as political surveys, government notifications, business inquiries, or personal reasons if you know someone in Washington, D.C.

How reliable are reverse phone lookup services?

Reverse phone lookup services can provide useful information, but their accuracy can vary. It’s best to use multiple sources or opt for well-reviewed, reputable services.


Understanding the context and details of the phone number 202-318-3143 requires knowledge of the 202 area code and its significance in Washington, D.C. Whether dealing with calls from this number or seeking information about its origins, it’s essential to stay informed and exercise due diligence. Always verify unknown callers, and make use of available resources to manage and block unwanted communications effectively.

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